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Now in Zoo Wrocław 8 brown bears and three Asiatic black bears are kept. Brown bears lived in four enclosures. A male Mago with her sister Mania and two daughter Kira and Kora has the biggest enclosure in Poland. It is semi-natural area with a lot of trees, bushes and other plants extended on surface ca. 1,2 ha. Myszka is a female lives in separate enclosure (234 m2) with natural ground. Przemisia, a epileptic female is kept in a small enclosure (150 m2) with natural ground. It is a female found in 2010 in Przemysl (SE Poland). Probably it escaped from one of illegal Ukrainian zoos. Tarotka and Trezorka come from zoo Zamosc and they are waiting for new 1200 m2 enclosure, which should be available for bears in Zamosc in autumn 2011.
Three females of Asiatic black bear are kept in small enclosure (234 m2) with structure for climbing.

Update: in February 2012 died Mania (kidney cancer).

(April 2015). In autumn 2014 died Mago (lungs cancer). Perhaps the disease is associated with long keeping Mago in solitary confinement. The old rooms were built with the addition of carcinogenic asbestos, and Mago is, in a short time, the second case the bear's death from cancer in Wroclaw zoo.

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