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Owner of zoo is Silesian voivodeship. Asian black bears, two females Basia and Kasia and a male Bari are kept in grassy 800 m2 - enclosure with swimming pool. Four females of brown bear (Kalinka, Shina, Bera and Frida) has only 630 m2 enclosures with a concrete groung nad swimming pool, a male Merc died in autumn 2010.

update: in autumn 2010 died Basia and in autumn 2011 died Bari, a pair of Asiatic black bear.

update: In 4 January 2013 died Kalinka, one of brown bear females.

update (June 2014)
Number of bears unchanged: one female of Asiatic black bear - Kasia (29 years old) and three female of brown bear: Shina and Frida (each 19 years old and both are kept in a common enclosure) and Bera (21 years old, kept separately).

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