Leszno bears going to German sanctuary

After many months of our intensive efforts, thanks to good cooperation with German organization “Vier Pfoten” (, especially with Patrick Boncourt - bear projects leader, two bears from Leszno are going to Germany. They will start new, happy life in bear sanctuary.

Two brown bear females are kept in very poor conditions: Basia (28 years old) in small (35 square meters) cage with conrete floor and no access to swimming pool and Kasia (18 years old) in a bit bigger cage with small swimming pool and acces to natural surface - soil. This cage was enlarged about 6 year ago. Unfortunately, the new project was consulted by former director of Wroclaw zoo, Mr Gucwinski, who in January 2011 was found guilty of abuse of Mago the bear. He kept the bear for 10 years in extremelly small cage (6 square meters!) with very limited acces to natural light and so low that the bear could not stand upright. The new part of the cage is a very small and does not meet standards. 

Bears are kept in separate cages because an attempt to join them is too risky with such small space without capability to retreat/escape in case of conflict. Both show stereotypic behaviour to high extent. The main food is bread and carrots.
Despite of many requests and pushes, diet of animal remains without change.

Mini-zoo Leszno house mainly domestic animals. Zoo is threated again to loss license due to poor conditions, bears in first line.

”Vier Pfoten” manages sanctuaries for bears in Austria, Romania and Germany with the highest welfare standards. Animals live in seminatural, large enclosures with swimming pools. Sanctuary in Müritz is available for audience (direction: north-west from Berlin; distance Leszno - Müritz ca. 450 km).

10th of June 2011
-  it is the date of departure to the sanctuary in Müritz. We do monitor their behaviour in Leszno and going to Germany with bears in order to continue observations.

Unfortunately some bears still live in similar, very poor conditions in some places in Poland: Braniewo, Korabiewice and Bialystok.

Basia and food


Basia in the cage




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