IBA Conference in Canada

    The International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA) is an organization for professional biologists with an interest in bears. Membership is open to professional biologists, wildlife managers, and all others dedicated to the conservation of the world’s bear species. The goal of the IBA is to promote the conservation and restoration of the world’s bears through science-based research, management, and education.

    The organization has over 550 members from over 50 countries. IBA sponsors workshops and international conferences on all aspects of bear biology, ecology, and management. The International Conference on Bear Research and Management is the largest of these conferences.

    This year Canada was a host of the meeting. It was held from 17 till 23 July 2011. Apart from three presentations (together with other authors) concerning the chronic kidney failure in Asiatic black bear, haematology of brown bears and stereotypic behaviour and other stress indicators in bears, we presented the update of the situation of captive bears in Poland.

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