Ban on bears keeping as pet, in dog shelters and unlicensed zoos

The 23rd of November 2011 is the date when the regulation of the Ministry of Environment on the species of animals dangerous to human life and health went into force. The regulation was signed on 3rd of August 2011, and published in Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland (abrreviated Dz.U.) No. 173, item 1037, issued on August 22nd, 2011. As stated in the document, it shall enter into force after 3 months from the date of publication.

Bears are listed in the Annex I, which means a total ban on keeping them out of zoos, circuses, research institutions and animal rehabilitation centers.

In accordance with Article 11 of the Act of the 3rd  of October 2008, amending the Nature Protection Act and certain other acts (Dziennik Urzedowy 2008, No. 201, item 1237), there is 6 months, from the moment when this regulation went into force, to move such animals of species listed in Appendix I to proper institutions. This means that from 24th of May 2012, no bear should be kept/housed in the institutions other than of approved categories.

In Poland, outside of the approved institutions listed in the Act, four bears are being kept in the Botanical and Zoological Garden in Braniewo (not licensed, so not a zoo as meant in the definition in the Nature Conservation Act), and four in a dog shelter in Korabiewice (near Warsaw), two of which are the deposit of Warsaw Zoo.

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