Korabiewice - changes and expectations

In September 2012, three months after the vet-check that we co-organized with Vier Pfoten Foundation, we visited the dog shelter in Korabiewice.

Since March 2012, Viva Foundation has been taking care about animals in the shelter. When the organization took over the facility it was in a very bad shape. Almost 500 dogs and cats, 20 horses and three brown bears (Borys, Misza and Wania) and a female of Asiatic black bear (Balbina) were living in very poor conditions. The previous owner was not able to provide proper food and care. During the previous autumn and winter animals were fed almost exclusively with carrots. Once a week, Inga Lechowska, one of volunteers, was delivering some extra food. Thanks to the "Pogotowie dla Zwierząt" organization the tragic fate of animals and cruelty of their treatment had become public as the topic of many reports in media. Since March 2012, when the Viva Foundation had started to care about animals, the quality of their life and keeping conditions are gradualy improving.
Since July 2012, Viva has been employing a bear keeper, Olimpia Kuźniewska, veterinary student and a person interested and involved in animal welfare issues. We are cooperating closely with Olimpia and Agata Rybkowska (chief of the shelter). We have prepared comprehensive instruction on bear feeding techniques and nutrition. Olimpia has consulted with us changes in the diet, primarily she substantially increased caloric value to the level that should be delivered in this period in the natural feeding system to keep natural annual cycle. August - October are the "peak" months, when bears do need ca. 12-16 000 calories per day. Currently, the diet is being carefully prepared and enough amount of food supplied.

Balbina, an old female, is on anti-inflammatory and anelgetic treatment.
The absolute priority is to provide relative comfort to Balbina, so she could live without pain or with mild only. This is now just geriatric care as can not be any other. Balbina is being observed by keepers and her life facilitated to the possible extent. 

dog shelter staff is trying to provide  best possible conditions to bears. The concrete floor is covered with sand and bark. Branches ar provided inside of cages to stimulate natural behaviour. The food is diversified, meets the needs of bears in Autumn, their physical shape and even individual preferences.

Cage of Balbina

No one knows how old she really is but the most probably it is the eldest Asiatic black bear in Poland 

Balbina is an animal subject of special care of Agata Rybkowska (chief of the shelter)

Balbina in her kingdom of fruits and vegetables choosing the most delicious items

Borys living on concrete before, now has his floor covered with sand and is willingly digging in it. Straw visible on the left is ready to be used as the den insulation during winter

In the empty cage before, now full of branches stimulating activity

Cages of Misza i Wania

Misza in the front

Misza is a very active and curious bear

Misza is hugging his swimming pool

Misza is enjoying sun

Bears are using paws very skillfully during eating 

Wania is presenting himself. His belly is nicely growing before winter

Wania playing on swimming pool

Wania is trying to collect carefully all hazelnuts. All bears like them

Facebook profile of the project (bilingual English/Polish)


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