Sanctuary for bears in Poznań zoo - the tender announced!

The tender was announced on 17 January 2013 on the Poznan Zoo website: . 

The first stage of the investment involves the building with a viewing terrace and two enclosures: one of ​​7 141 m2 and the second 3 887 m2. Both will have swimming pools, one 84 and the other 73 m2. The offer will be selected on 1st February, 2013. The deadline for finalization is 15th September 2013. The project is designed by Vowie Studio. 

The two years of efforts and cooperation with the Four Paws (Vier Pfoten) Foundation have successfully resulted in the decision to finance and build a big enclosures for bears from the worst keeping conditions. With our recommendation the Poznan Zoo had been choosen for cooperation. The most important features were: high standards of animal husbandry and welfare at the zoo (the dominance of big enclosures, competent staff) and an excellent spatial conditions (hilly woodland). The good reception of the idea by the zoo director, Lech Banach, had also an important role. Three male bears from the dog shelter in Korabiewice will be moved to Poznań. The second stage is planned to improve the lives of three females and a male from Braniewo Zoo.                                                                                                                                                                                     Update (22 February 2013): The winner of the tender is the Bag-Bud Construction Company. The company will build enclosures and building for 1 316 189 (ca. 315 000 euro).
Update (20 July 2013): BEAR SANCTUARY in Poznań Zoo - next step. A Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was held on July 1st in the Poznań Zoo. Enclosures are built wihout delay and there is a chance that three bears from Korabiewice shelter will be moved to Poznań in autumn 2013. New pictures!

The plan of enclosures for bears in Poznan Zoo

Trees, natural surface, and a large space are very important for the proper bear keeping.

Almost the entire area is forested.

Today there is no water, but on each enclosure a pond will be constructed.

Meeting in January 2012, and the choice of the site for the construction of enclosuresOn the picture: Carsten Hertwig and Patrick Boncourt from Four Paws Foundation (right and left),  Lech Banach - Director of Poznan Zoo and Dr. Agnieszka Sergiel (in the center).

Borys from
the animal shelter in Korabiewice will be moved to the forested enclosure in Poznan in autumn 2013.

also will leave the cage...

and Wania as well.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony (July 1st 2013)          

During the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony a special time capsule was buried, containing
among others the day newspapers.

Olimpia Kuźniewska (Viva Foundation - now keeper of bears in animal shelter in Korabiewice), Magda Scherk-Trettin (Four Paws Foundation), dr. Agnieszka Sergiel (University of Wrocław) and dr. Robert Maślak ( University of Wrocław)

Architect of the bear sanctuary

Lech Banach - zoo director (on the left). Magda Scherk-Trettin - Four Paws Foundation and Ryszard Grobelny - president of Poznań ,

Lech Banach - Poznań zoo director

Magda Scherk-Trettin (Four Paws Foundation)

Photos from the ceremony by Olimpia Kuźniewska.

Facebook profile of the project (bilingual English/Polish)

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