Lech Banach – contributor of the sanctuary for bears in Poznan zoo resigns from the position


With a great
surprise and sadness we got to know about the acceptance of the Lech Banach’s resignation from the position of the director of the Poznan Zoo. Resignation and its acceptance happened on 18th of March 2014. After a meeting with the Mayor of Poznań director said - "We had different assessments of the functioning of the zoo as a whole."

We had been looking for the possibility to establish a sanctuary for bears living in the worst conditions for several years. Although there were several declarations at the locations such as Zakopane, Gołuchów or Przemysl, none were succesful. We started the cooperation with Vier Pfoten foundation in 2010, and after some time it was decided to establish the sanctuary in Poland. The Foundation asked for an opinion, whether there is such a facility in Poland that meets the high standards of animal husbandry and welfare, where the sanctary could be located. We had no doubts that this would be Poznan Zoo. Director Banach was enthusiastic about the idea of the sanctuary. The first phase of the construction was finalized at the end of Spetember 2013. The first three bears were moved from a shelter in Korabiewice to the sanctuary on 29th of October 2013. The sanctuary in Poznan Zoo provides large, semi-natural enclosures for the bears.

According to the Supreme Audit Office report from 2011, only 3% of the species in the Poznan Zoo were kept in conditions below the minimum spatial requirements contained in the Polish regulations. That makes this zoo by far the best zoo in Poland and one of the best in Europe (the other zoos reached from 10% in Gdansk to 69% of species kept in conditions below legal requirements in Warsaw). The main factor in achieving this success was the attitude, ideas and efforts of the Director Lech Banach.

Director Lech Banach during the Foundation Stone Ceremony for bear sanctuary 
in Poznań Zoo (1st July 2013). On the left Lech Grobelny - the President 
of Poznań, in the middle Magdalena Scherk-Trettin from Vier Pfoten foundation.

Director Lech Banach during the Foundation Stone Ceremony for bear sanctuary in Poznań Zoo (1st of July 2013)

Working meeting at the Poznań zoo in 2012, preceding the building of the sanctuary for bears. The meeting atttendees: director Lech Banach, his deputy Leszek Antkowiak, the representatives of Vier Pfoten foundation and we.

On Tuesday, 29th October 2013 three bears: Boris, Misza (Misha) and Wania (Vanya) from Korabiewice animal shelter were moved to the sanctuary in Poznań zoo.

Poznań Zoo - elephants

Poznań Zoo - elephants

Poznań Zoo - ring-tailed lemur

Poznań Zoo - most of animals are kept in semi-natural large enclosures - capybaras

Poznań Zoo - most of animals are kept in semi-natural large enclosures - Brazilian tapir

Poznań Zoo - Siberian tiger

  Poznań zoo - terrarium

  Poznań Zoo - blue poison arrow frog "Azureus"(Dendrobates tinctorius "azureus")

  Poznań Zoo -  dyeing dart frog "Regina" (Dendrobates tinctorius "Reginae")

Poznań zoo - pelicans

Poznań zoo - great cormorans

Poznań zoo - one of the ponds

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