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   In 2007 we started the captive bears' welfare monitoring project in cooperation with RSPCA and OTOZ Animals. The main aim of this project was to assess housing conditions, if bears' biological needs are fulfilled and to study their behaviour for abnormalities (type and intensity). We've done stocktaking and created detailed catalogue regarding age, sex and origin, physical and psychological shape. The analysis of housing conditions included the size of cages and enclosures, if permanent facilities are present, type of surface, providing water to drink and swimming, diet and feeding techniques, enrichment and outdoor access (daily and during a year). We've made also a survey of legislative issues considering bear keeping in Poland and other countries. Results are supposed to serve for improving welfare of bears in captivity and to initiate law improvements.

    We are continuing our work for bear welfare improvement. To maintain our actions and campaigning we need support. Any help is precious. You can support our project! Details

Webside of the Project on facebook (bilingual English/Polish)


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