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Agnieszka Sergiel

    Zoologist, defended PhD thesis on stereotypic behaviour and physiological indicators of stress in captive bears at the Wroclaw University. Interested in stress issue since the beginning of studies. In 2004 got MSc degree on movement stereotypies in big zoo-mammals. Involved in farm animal welfare projects (AgroWeb network), attended laboratory animals' welfare workshop in London and research on ecology and conservation of brown bears in Croatia, where studies behaviour in a sanctuary for orphaned bears. Assistant professor at Institute of Nature Conserwation Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków. Member of International Association for Bear Research and Management and European Brown Bear Expert Team.




What's new with bears in Poznań?

Wania is dead. New enclosures for bears from Braniewo soon....


From cages in Korabiewice to sanctuary in Poznań

A New life of three Korabiewice bears - photo-report...


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